Wildlife Trust Of India : 20 Years In Service Of Nature
3:10 min

Credits : Composition, mixing.

September 2018

Directed by:
Richie Mehta

Info :

What began as a three-member team in 1998, Wildlife Trust of India is today a family of about 150 professionals from diverse backgrounds - conservation biologists, scientists, sociologists, wildlife veterinarians, managers, lawyers, finance experts and communication specialists - but committed to the common cause of wildlife conservation. The team work together in various field stations in remote parts of the country and a central coordinating office in the National Capital Region. the mission of the organization is " To conserve wildlife and its habitat and to work for the welfare of individual wild animals, in partnership with communities and governments." Here is a visual synopsis of what we have done in the past and what are we aspiring for in future courses. Read in detail at www.wti.org.in.