Label : Independent

Credits : Co-Production, Mixing.

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Last year, Vivek Shraya teamed up with Toronto’s Queer Songbook Orchestra to release her incredible album, Part-Time Woman. On it was “I’m Afraid of Men,” a frank and honest admission of the anxiety that non-cis male people feel when they’re out in the world. It’s a simple, at times timid, pop song, beautifully accented by horns and swelling strings. But the track’s brand new remix (billed under Shraya’s band Too Attached) is the complete opposite.

Helmed by electro-punk icon Peaches, this remix offers up a different perspective. “It provided a chance to widen the conversation in the song beyond my own experiences by inviting other women to guest on the track,” Shraya says. When Peaches responded to Shraya’s request, asking how she felt about her “getting nasty,” Shraya happily wrote back: “Do you! Be Nasty Peaches!”

In true Peaches fashion, the track is unabashedly aggressive, almost stomping out into the streets as she tells any intimidating forces: “F--k the patriachy.” It’s a more forthright stance, but one that builds a compelling dialogue with Shraya’s lyrics. Shraya says she’s afraid, but Peaches encourages her — and everyone — not only to reject that fear but also fight back. Be loud and take up space because we deserve to shine everywhere.

Fifty per cent of sales from this song’s downloads on Bandcamp will be donated to the #TorontoStrongFund to help those who were impacted by the recent van attack in Toronto. — ML

Performed by Too Attached. 
Produced by Too Attached and James Bunton. 
Mastered by Heather Kirby.