The Mountains For Inspiration

Over the last few weeks, I had the chance to be a few places.  Grindelwald, Switzerland was one of those places.  The Swiss Alps are one of the most beautiful of the Earth's moments.  They are full of inspiration, peace and force.  

Evening Hymns Detail "Quiet Energies" LP at posted an interview with Jonas Bonnetta of Evening Hymns in which Jonas discusses the upcoming "Quiet Energies" LP.  The full article can be read HERE.  The album is one that I worked on with Jonas and the team up at Maker's Acre in Mountain Grove, ON over the last year or so.  It's an incredible journey; honest songs performed and actualized by an exciting and talented cast of musicians including Jonas, Jon Hynes, Andrew Kekewich, Gavin Gardiner, Sylvie Smith, Mika Posen and more.  It's a work that I am very much looking forward to the release of on September 18th of 2015 on Outside Music.  

Look for a single or two to be released in the next few months.  In the meantime, below is a quick album teaser video. -jB

Anandam Dancetheatre's "Weather"

In the first week of June of 2015, Anandam Dancetheatre performed "Weather" at The Bata Shoe Museum.  It was a multi-disciplinary work that combined choreographed movement, sound, visuals and augmented reality.  Below is the soundtrack for the work.  And for more information on the piece itself, head to  

"Weather" is the 5th major collaboration that I've done with Brandy Leary of Anandam Dancetheatre in the past few years, and it is one that I'm particularly proud of.  Look for many more to come in the future! - jB 

New Light Fires Video Released for "Last Of His Kind"

There is a new Light Fires video up on the Internet!  It's for "Last Of His Kind" and was directed by David Kraft.  Shot at Lee's Palace, it stars Regina (of course), as well as dancers Emily Law, Sze-Yang Ade-Lam, Jelani Ade-Lam and Kumari Giles.  The good folks at Silent Shout premiered it, so give them a check out when you get the chance.  And you can always purchase FACE by Light Fires, the album that "Last Of His Kind" is from.  Enjoy! - jB


Sometimes the best way to move ahead is to simply pause for just a moment.  - jB

"You" Single From For Esmé

For Esmé has released the second single from their upcoming album Sugar.  It's called "You", and it's available for PWYW download at their Bandcamp page.  Give it a listen below, and then give it a download and dance around the town with it on your portable device.  Nice! - jB 

Blimp Rock - "Sophomore Slump" LP Released Today

Today, Blimp Rock has released "Sophomore Slump".  It's out in the world.  Below is the official word from Blimp Rock Enterprises:


Already, critics are criticizing the team's choice of album name, but only because they apparently like the album:…/…/07/blimp-rock-sophomore-slump/

Produced and mixed by James Bunton.
Engineered by John Dinsmore at the Lincoln Country Social Club in Toronto, ON.
Additional recording by James Bunton.
Mastered by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles in Preston, ON.

Arranged and presented by:
Peter Demakos - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Claire Whitehead - vocals, violin
Andrew Kinoshita - electric guitar, vocals
Heather Kirby - bass guitar
James Bunton - drums, percussion, synth, vocals

With special partners:
Robbie Grunwald - piano on “Music Industry Blues”
Emma Tollefsen - field recording on “Conflict Resolution”
Robyn Letson - vocals on “Sensitive Boys”

All songs written by Peter Demakos (SOCAN), except “Conflict Resolution” was written by Peter Demakos and Claire Whitehead (SOCAN) and “Let’s All Stay In Tonight” was written by Peter Demakos and Owen Nowlan (SOCAN).
Artwork and design by Adam Medley.

Firm handshakes:
James Bunton- we wouldn`t be in business without you. Claire Whithead, Heather Kirby and Andrew Kinoshita for giving 110% and thinking outside of the box. Emma Tollefsen, Robyn Letson, Jenny Mitchell, Stephen Callahan and Owen Nowlan for their marketing expertise and team synergy. Adam Medley and Drew Jamieson for their constructive auditing.

We hope you enjoy it!

Blimp Rock - "Let's All Stay In Tonight" Video Released

Blimp Rock has released the first video from their upcoming album "Sophomore Slump". premiered it here.  

The band says it "is not so much a rejection of the nightlife, but an endorsement of the indoors.  It is a 'call to couch' for those of us who enjoy cheese plates, early evenings and small groups of people." And it's stellar!

Check out the video below, and preorder "Sophomore Slump" from Blimp Rock here. - jB

Scars Are All The Rage - Now Up On Bandcamp

After three great shows down at the Harbourfront Centre, the run of "Scars are All the Rage" is now over.  It was a blast, but alas, as all things do, it now has come to an end.  But you can still purchase and hear the sound score for the piece on my Bandcamp page, or via the link below.  Congratulations to Focier Stage Works for a wonderful, albeit disturbing, work!  We did it! - jB

"Scars are All the Rage"

Tomorrow night the latest work from Forcier Stage Works is being presented at The Harbourfront Theatre in Toronto.  The work is entitled "Scars are All the Rage", and it "explores the sensitive issue of trauma as a consequence of abuse".  It's chroreographed by Marie France Forcier, performed by Molly Johnson, Louis Laberge-Cote and Justine Comfort.  I scored the sound design for it.  

You can read more about the piece in The Metro News article centred around an interview with Marie France Forcier.  

It's presented by Danceworks, and you can purchase tickets here.  It runs from Thursday, March 12th to Saturday, March 14th with 8pm start times.  

Below is the digital postcard for the piece, and also gives details about Tracy Norman's "what goes between", with which "Scars are All the Rage" is sharing the bill.  (Joshua Van Tassel created the score for Tracey's piece, and it sounds stellar!) - jB

Pre-Order "Sophomore Slump" by BLIMP ROCK!

You can now pre-order the new Blimp Rock album titled Sophomore Slump from the band's Bandcamp page!  Take a listen to the track "Vampires" there or below.  Here's the full press release from Blimp Rock Enterprises:

"People of business,

We have a very important announcement for you today.

Blimp Rock will be releasing their second album, entitled "Sophomore Slump" on April 7th.

After the runaway success of “Lake Ontario Lifeguards (L.O.L.)”, expectations ran high at the BRE offices for a follow-up to “raise the blimp” even higher. Add to that the constantly overhanging pressure to raise $700K and it becomes clear just how much stress there was to deliver. In the end, it was an old proverb: “they say that which is only done once / ought not to be done at all” that inspired Blimp Rock to persist with a second album, even if its members couldn’t write a song better than L.O.L.

In full embrace of this mindset (and much to the chagrin of the BRE head office) the team called the record Sophomore Slump and the results can only be judged by investors. Will they ever surpass the hype of L.O.L.? Was the first record better? Can they ever raise $700 00? Regardless, Blimp Rock has made a second album.

Sophomore Slump can be pre-ordered at for $7. Each pre-order includes the song "Vampires".

Below is the album trailer directed by Nicole Bilyea. We'd be very appreciative if you shared it with your business associates.

Thank you for your business,
Blimp Rock Enterprises"

It's going to be stellar.  Check it out! - jB

"Just Yet" Single From For Esmé

For Esmé has released their first single from the upcoming album Sugar, and it's available for PWYW download at their Bandcamp page.  Take a listen below, and download it for portable listening pleasure!  - jB

A Mixing Partner

It's always nice to have a mixing partner around for input and insight.


And to read through the lyrics to Father John Misty's I Love You, Honeybear with.  - jB


Silent Shout Premier FOR ESMÉ's "Just Yet"

Today, the wonderful electronic pop blog SIlent Shout premiered For Esmé's "Just Yet", a track from their upcoming album Sugar.  Here's Silent Shout had to say : 

"Toronto’s For Esmé make soul-searching electro-pop created for the walk home from the after-party: you’re still pumped with energy from the excellent night, but also introspectively going over the events in your mind. “Just Yet,” with it’s infectious vocal hook of “I finally found a way!” tells us that we should just ignore that nagging doubt that maybe we said the wrong thing to the right people, and embrace honesty and self-acceptance.

Co-produced by James Bunton (Light Fires, Ohbijou), a Silent Shout superstar in his own right, the track is Robyn-esque in its alterna-poppiness especially with the ever-present pulsating arpeggiated bass line.

2015 seems poised to be a big year for the band with a performance at the inaugural WayHome Festival and the release of Sugar, their sophomore record which is due out later this spring. Based on the strength of “Just Yet,” we have high expectations for more triumphant introspection."

And here is the YouTube stream for "Just Yet" :

It's a stellar album, one that I've been excited about for some time.  Looks for its release in the near future, and keep in the loop by visiting For Esmé on their website and Facebook pages!

Enjoy!  -jB

A Week With The Ptarmigans

Spent the last week and a bit doing percussion, Prophet, Juno, bass, guitar and vocal overdubs with the Ptarmigan team.  Things are sounding more weird and wonderful than ever.  Who knew that floor cymbals could sound so right?  jB

Ptarmigan - Day 05

The first week of tracking is complete.  A day away from the studio, and then back into it again next week.  Things are shaping up very, very nicely!  - jB