“…Separating from the world’s self-destructive narcissistic maelstrom to better focus on what is truly important is essential if one is to help save culture from the corruption that threatens to destroy it forever. A person of integrity neither uses nor is used, neither serves nor rules - but deals with people in a cooperative landscape of free exchange and personal choice. In a world of humanity Art is neither spectacle, business, nor fashion, but something that can nurture the soul - not gimmick and flash, but truth and beauty; something we can benefit from when our immortal souls are in pain, peril or in need; something that makes sense of the world, the universe, and our inner life; something that inspires, transcends, empowers, heals and makes the world a better place.

To attain this, to heal the world and bring true meaning and satisfaction to humanity, we must find our own path, create our own system, connect with our own people and focus deeper on pure inner vision - the inner vision that represents our core values. To best insulate ourselves from the forces that threaten us it is essential to connect and surround ourselves with supportive, positive, like-minded creative individuals. This is the power of community, the power of inspiration, confirmation, encouragement and belonging. With it we can tap resources bigger than ourselves and transcend. We are more powerful together…

…Throughout history, the world’s most valuable accomplishments have continually proved to be made solely by the indomitable individuals who were blessed with originality of thought and have retained independence of action. In essence, all an artist requires is the freedom to create in peace. But the sad dichotomy is that we must fight to find it, and to retain it. ACTION THIS DAY AND EVERY DAY!”

- John Zorn “PREFACE - Survival in a Cultural Wasteland” from ARCANA VIII. (Click for more info.)