Illusory Renown

I think that many artists (and non-artists as well, for that matter) are caught up in what I think is best called “Illusory Renown” these days. The Internet and the platforms that it provides and encourages continue to set up scenarios where feedback loops and “room full of mirrors syndrome” are the norm for artists. When viewed from outside of these tight circles, we can see the created and illusory nature of the renown that an artist has deemed themselves to have - but from within, the illusions and the real are one and the same. Positive feedback and encouragement are important parts of the creative process, no doubt, and to have encouragement and support from peers and public is a valuable thing - but the danger comes in when making decisions in the creative process, especially at the initial stages of creation, that serve to support and extend a renown that doesn’t, in reality, exist at the cost of making the art that the artist truly wants to be creating. - jB