@BLIMPROCKLIVE Releases "SOAP OPERA" - The First Album Released In A Bar Of Soap

Last week, Blimp Rock released their latest album "Soap Opera".  It's an album that I had the pleasure of working on with Peter and the team over the last year or so, and it's wonderful to see it out in the world!  Not only does it cover topics such as the important debate of facts vs. feelings, the way that our cats help keep us sane, the merits of basketball over hockey and has a couple of takes on Toronto as a city, it also serves to keep us clean - it's the first album (as far as anyone can tell) that has been released as a bar of soap.  Yep - a real, usable bar of soap.  With a download code in the middle of it.  Fantastic.  And here's the album art : 


You can listen to and buy the album on Blimp Rock's Bandcamp page, and you can watch a lyric video for one of the tracks from the album, "Dear Science" below.  Enjoy!  And stay clean - it's what Blimp Rock would want.
- jB