As of this weekend past, the band Ptarmigan  has released their album "Ptarmigan" out into the world.  It's a magical sounding affair, full of mythology and a sense of the surreal, while still keeping one foot firmly planted in the world of acoustic folk.  It's a beautiful balance that Ptarmigan has managed to achieve, an equilibrium that is not often heard.   

I had the pleasure of working with the band to help produce, develop and actualize their ideas, and it was a joy.  To be a part of the sonic transformation of a band that is made up of such talented musicians and wonderful humans has been an incredible experience.  It is an album that is worth checking out, whether for the mythical journey of "A Magician Of Sorts", the soaring flight that is "Stilts", or for the attack of the synths that comes in "O Zephyr".  There is much to hear and experience and enjoy on this album and with this team - I am almost certain that you'll find at least one thing on it you haven't heard anywhere else.

Check it out here :  ptarmiganmusic.bandcamp.com

And check out Ptarmigan here :  www.ptarmiganband.com

- JB