.@vivekshraya Vivek Shraya Releases "Girl It's Your Time"

Today, on the day of her 35th birthday, Vivek Shraya releases "Girl It's Your Time" backed with "A Good Man".  Both are accessible pop songs - easy to grab onto and sing in the shower - but they hold deeper meaning and more powerful ideas than the pop realm often encourages.  It seems like the challenge of this age of music making and artistry is to take important, pertinent and often heavy ideas of self and society, and wrap them up in an accessible and engaging package, which for the listener are easy to swallow and digest.  Vivek is one artist who continues to successfully use and develop this concept in her craft, and who makes music that is in equal parts catchy and thought provoking.  You can listen to the songs below, and then purchase them - all proceeds from this release go to Supporting Our Youth's Trans_Fusion Crew program. Enjoy these songs - and look forward to what is still to come from Vivek in the future! -jB