@NMC_canada National Music Centre Residency November 2016

From November 21st to 30th, 2016, Joshua Van Tassel and I had the immense pleasure of having an artists' residency at The National Music Centre in Calgary, AB.  If you don't know anything about the National Music Centre, I high recommend that you check it out HERE.  It's an incredible place - it holds a massive 2000+ instrument collection spanning over 450 years (and you can actually use a whole lot of them!).  It has top notch facilities, is in both a beautiful new architectural marvel of a building as well as the historical King Edward Hotel, and houses some of the warmest, supportive and knowledgable humans that there could be.

Josh and I were there to create "Impossible Instruments" - taking existing instruments in the collection and combining them to create new sounds that couldn't exist anywhere or any time other than there and now.  Combining a harpsichord with a Maestro Ring Modulator, or a Novatron with a pump organ and a Korg MS20 were all normal activities during our time in residency.  We then recorded those new sounds as samples, and built 38 new instruments to be played and composed with in the future.  A very exciting time, it was!

If you're a musician living in or passing through Calgary, or if you have an interest to any degree in the historical and contemporary happenings of music in Canada, it's worth checking out the National Music Centre.  Whether it's a tour of the museum, or an extended stay to use their wealth of synths and sounds, it's worth the trip, no doubt!  

Josh and I will be releasing music composed with the sounds in the future, so look out for that.  In the meantime, check out all the NMC has to offer HERE!

And here are just a few pics below.  There are also more to see under the hashtag "#impossibleinstruments" on the Twitter.  

- jB