Silent Shout Premier FOR ESMÉ's "Just Yet"

Today, the wonderful electronic pop blog SIlent Shout premiered For Esmé's "Just Yet", a track from their upcoming album Sugar.  Here's Silent Shout had to say : 

"Toronto’s For Esmé make soul-searching electro-pop created for the walk home from the after-party: you’re still pumped with energy from the excellent night, but also introspectively going over the events in your mind. “Just Yet,” with it’s infectious vocal hook of “I finally found a way!” tells us that we should just ignore that nagging doubt that maybe we said the wrong thing to the right people, and embrace honesty and self-acceptance.

Co-produced by James Bunton (Light Fires, Ohbijou), a Silent Shout superstar in his own right, the track is Robyn-esque in its alterna-poppiness especially with the ever-present pulsating arpeggiated bass line.

2015 seems poised to be a big year for the band with a performance at the inaugural WayHome Festival and the release of Sugar, their sophomore record which is due out later this spring. Based on the strength of “Just Yet,” we have high expectations for more triumphant introspection."

And here is the YouTube stream for "Just Yet" :

It's a stellar album, one that I've been excited about for some time.  Looks for its release in the near future, and keep in the loop by visiting For Esmé on their website and Facebook pages!

Enjoy!  -jB