@josfortinmusic Jos. Fortin Releases Fairweather Walker

Back in the summer of 2013, I spent some time in Peterborough at Artspace Gallery.  For a few days and nights, I worked there during the days, and slept there during the nights.  I'd stop at Night Kitchen as many times as possible for delicious slices and espressos.  What I was working on was an album by Jos. Fortin called Fairweather Walker, which as of yesterday, is out into the world (you can get it HERE).  

Fairweather Walker is the 2nd album that Jos. and I worked on together, and it's a wonderful collection of songs.  Jos. has a way of shaping melodies and lyrics that instantly sounds familiar, but takes the listener to places that they haven't already been.  The arrangements on the album are stellar, as are all of the players (which include folks like Ehren McCracken, Dan Fortin, Mika Posen, Shaun Brodie, Aaron Hoffman, Sylvie Smith and Charlie Phillips).  Fairweather Walker captures the intimacy of a man at home alone with his guitar, but also the sound of that man's expansive and boundless imagination.  I'm definitely too close to the album to be unbiased, but I think it's worth checking out.

There are some really special moments on this album - I for one feel like the song "June" captures what it feels like to be in Peterborough, ON on a fall day better than any other song in existence.  "When I Meet My Maker" takes the listener on a sonic journey that few singer-songwriters take us on these days.  And there are many other moments of joy and beauty along the way that are worth taking the time to experience.  

Jos. is releasing the album in a pay-what-you-want form up on his Bandcamp site - head on over a take a listen and, if you like what you hear, toss him some dough and take a download.  And enjoy. - jB