Anandam DanceTheatre at @SBNuitBlancheTO 2015

Tonight is SB Nuit Blanche in Toronto, and it's going to be a night filled with many things to see, hear, do and experience.  One of those things is Anandam DanceTheatre's Glaciology which is taking place down on the Queen's Quay heading west towards Lower Simcoe Street.  Glaciology's journey along the Queen's Quay will take 12 hours, and will be made by 50 performers in the form of one mass human glacial body, shifting and sliding its way along the city's shore boulevard.  The Globe & Mail calls it one of Toronto's Sweet 16: What To See At Nuit Blanche This Year, and I think that they're right on the money.

I created the audio score for the piece, and it's available for streaming or download via Bandcamp or via Soundcloud.  Check it out, and head on down to the Queen's Quay for the night.  Or the morning.  You can pick what works best for you, anytime between 7pm and 7am.  That's the beauty of SB Nuit Blanche! Wonderful. - jB