"Sugar" by @foresmeforever Released Today!

Today, For Esmé release their album "Sugar" into the world.  It's an exciting day!  

This is an album that as been in the making for quite some time - from the initial ideas found in Martha's demos, to the development of those ideas and their structures and sounds with Dave, Nathan and Martha, to the recording of a boiling kettle, to long debates about whether songs sounded enough like the childhood memories they were based on, to Chris Isaak references, to neighbours appearing in the living room, to choirs of strong women, to as many cornetto con frittatas as is possible - it's been a fantastic journey!  This is a collection of songs that I think can be enjoyed on the surface, with poppy beats, sounds and hooks to satisfy initial listens and the needs of a dance party.  But if you choose to go deeper, there is much to explore.  The lyric content is timely and relevant - these are the thoughts and words of someone struggling to comprehend and navigate a generation of humans who is yet to fully understand who they are and what they are capable of.  As a result, the lyrics speak to both the endless potential for joy and hope, alongside the trappings of a world gone mad with narcissistic social announcements.  The musicality is strong and innovative - there are melodies that you can grab onto and carry with you, performed with both precision and emotion, and thoughtful supporting parts and sounds that compliment what is in the sonic spotlight of each track.  it's a wonderful balance, and one that makes for an interesting listen, whether your focus is in the center or periphery of the sonics.  

These thoughts all come from a very biased place - I am indeed quite close to this album.  But I think it's one that's worth checking out.  And you can do so below, or from the For Esmé Bandcamp page.

And there's an album release TONIGHT AT THE DRAKE IN TORONTO if that's of interest - should be great!

In any case, have a great Friday.  - jB