Again, We Find Ourselves In This Place

At the end of 2013 I completed an album of very minimal instrumental ambient music called "Again, We Find Ourselves In This Place".

It consists of 4 songs that span just over 50 minutes and is designed to shape and mould the environment that we arrive in. Whether time is spent in a static room, or in the fluidity of the city street, these sounds are designed to slow and suspend environments and expose their beauty.

The compositions are based around single sounds and two note chords - but for some overlaps and tails - there are no three note chords on this album. They are simple shapes, and they leave room to be filled with the inner thoughts and emotions of the listener: the beauty that can only be found via individual perception of time and place.

The album is available now via, and if you use the code "januweary", you get 10% off. Exciting savings!

Thanks for checking it out!
Happy Monday, all!