india in a day.png

India In A Day
86:00 min

Credits : Additional Composition Work.

Toronto, ON - Toronto International Film Festival, Scotia Bank Theatre (September 2016)

Directed by:
Richie Mehta

Produced by :
Ridley Scott

Info :

Directed by Richie Mehta, executive produced by Ridley Scott and powered by Google, India in a Day is a new form of non-fiction filmmaking that uses footage shot by millions of people in India on one single day to assemble a lyrical portrait of modern India.

October 10, 2015 was a day like any other. It wasn't a national holiday or anniversary, and it held no major religious significance. But on this day, through an initiative backed by Google, millions of people across India turned on their cameras and smartphones and recorded their lives, then uploaded their footage to a website. From these thousands of hours of footage, director Richie Mehta has constructed a lyrical portrait of modern India that allows for a multitude of voices — male, female, transgendered, young and old, rural and urban — to make themselves heard.

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