Suzanne Nuttall - Trophy Wife Extended Play
Label : Independent

Credits : Production on Track 7 "Pinelopi Remix".

Info :

SUZANNE NUTTALL's song "Trophy Wife (Your Body Won't Lie)" was masterfully produced by Michael Philip Wojewoda and released in July 2013. It features a nine-piece string section playing an arrangement by Ford Pier. Suzanne spent the next six months "extending the play" by collaborating with various artists and exploring how the same song can have several readings. Each version / remix takes the song in a new direction. The result is TROPHY WIFE EXTENDED PLAY which consists of seven versions of the song... or seven trophy wives! 

First, Suzanne worked with singer-songwriter Chloé Lacasse who created a gorgeous French adaptation of the song which she called "Comme un trophée." Suzanne was quite excited to return to the recording studio on November 16th, 2013 with Michael Philip Wojewoda to record her first-ever French vocal. This was meaningful because French is Suzanne's mother tongue. 

Gavin Bradley delivered a minimalist piano version recorded on his beloved piano, Heather Kirby created two mirror remixes in English and French which take the listener on an aural journey which highlights the guitar-playing of José Contreras of By Divine Right, Kaelo Gallagher delivered a house remix which Suzanne is hoping will get club-goers dancing and finally Pinelopi Gramatikopoulos (Suzanne's co-writer on the song) and James Bunton produced a haunting remix featuring Amely Zhou on the erhu.