Music by James Bunton

For : Anandam Dancetheatre

Credits : Composed, performed, engineered, mixed.

Presented :
Toronto, ON - Collective Space (October  2014)

Choreography :

Brandy Leary (Anandam Dancetheatre)

Info :

Seismology is a visceral, interdisciplinary journey into our embodied experiences of environmental decline that lives in our attempts to just keep going, at any cost, in the spaces of mis-communication, mis-translation, missed/mixed messages, and false actions.

Memory loss, melting, re visioning history, fault lines, extreme opposites, seismic waves, little earth quakes, ropes, ice and dirt set the stage for Anandam Dancetheatre’s newest performance offering. Working in the spaces of radical hope, imaginary landscapes and propositions, psychic transmissions and shamanistic frequencies we invite you into the intimate, immersive and participatory world of Seismology.

Seismology is a performance collaboration between Choreographer Brandy Leary, Sonic Artist/Composer James Bunton, Visual/Video Artist Eamon Mac Mahon and dance/circus artists Amy Hampton, Ryan Lee, Marie France Forcier, Laura Stokes and Louis Laberge Cote and has been supported by a creation process involving our inaugural AIR (Audience in Residence) initiative.

During this performance the audience will move around the space as well as spend periods of time seated.