Ptarmigan - Spirit Wakes Single
Label : Independent

Credits : Production, Engineering, Mixing.

Info :

Ptarmigan is a progressive folk band based in Toronto, ON.

Ptarmigan crafts dynamic and melodic folk songs inspired by both the organic and the fantastic. At once experimental and familiar, their music weaves together elements of folk and old-time with pop and indie-rock to produce a creative take on folk music.

The band first got together in the long winter of 2010 to play a handful of songs penned by Peter McMurtry (guitar, banjo, vocals). Ptarmigan’s sound reflects these intimate beginnings, grounded in the warm, acoustic sounds of banjo, accordion, mandolin and upright bass. Before long, what started as a group of friends playing bluegrass and folk tunes had taken on a life and direction entirely its own. Drawing on the diverse musical influences of the bands members, Ptarmigan’s sound ranges from up-beat, banjo-driven folk, to raucous, driving rock and sweeping, pastoral epics sometimes in the course of a single song. Drawing from a long tradition of folk storytelling, their songs employ the language of myth and metaphor to tell stories that are both fantastical and deeply resonant.