Petits rêves
12:00 min

For : BoucharDanse

Credits : Compositions by Arvo Part, Sound Editing and Manipulation by James Bunton.

Toronto, ON - Fleck Dance Theatre (December 2015)

Created for :
Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre's "Wintersong"

Choreography by :
Sylvie Bouchard

Info :

A 28 year tradition, WinterSong returns to warm the hearts of family audiences with its breathtaking tapestry of seasonal dance inspired by the world’s rich solstice traditions. Highlights include a world premiere by award-winning choreographer Sylvie Bouchard, live music by Juno award-winning David Buchbinder and his Klezmer band, and the return of dance sensation Belinda McGuire’s “ravishing duet for Hannah Szeptycki and Nicholas Ruscica…a paean to modern dance” (Paula Citron, Dance Current).