60:00 min

For : Quote Unquote Collective

Credits : Composition by Amy Nostbakken, Sound Design by James Bunton.

Toronto, ON - The Theatre Centre (April - May 2015)
Toronto, ON - Buddies In Bad Times Theatre (October - November 2016)

Created and Performed by :
Norah Sadava and Amy Nostbakken

Directed by :
Norah Sadava and Amy Nostbakken

Awards :
Dora Award Winner (with Amy Nostbakken) Outstanding Sound Design / Composition, Independent Theatre Division - 2015
Dora Award Winner (with Amy Nostbakken) Outstanding Sound Design / Composition, General Theatre Division - 2017

Info :

Mouthpiece follows one woman, for one day, as she tries to find her voice. Interweaving a cappella harmony, dissonance, text and physicality, two performers express the inner conflict that exists within a modern woman’s head: the push and the pull, the past and the present, the progress and the regression.

"Mouthpiece is a tapestry of music, dance and the spoken word on the importance of finding your own voice, the person you are that lives in the here and now, in your own soul and body. Mouthpiece holds you transfixed until the very end."

- Scene Changes:

"I loved this piece. I loved the creativity of it; the emotional power of it and the movement that spoke volumes in silence.
With simple story-telling, Sadava and Nostbakken tackled weighty questions of mother-daughter relationships, love; frustration etc."

- Lynn Slotkin:

"Nostbakken and Sadava astounded me."

- Mooney on Theatre:

"There were some harmonies made by both women that just left me in awe, but the general theme left me feeling somewhat uncomfortable being in the same room as such strong opinions."

- Ontario Arts Review:

"A deceptively simple revelation about a daughter’s relationship to french fries as it relates to her mother’s relationship to french fries is one of the most incisive comments about contemporary womanhood that I’ve ever heard."

- My Entertainment World: