Michael C. Duguay - Heavy On The Glory LP
Label : Independent

Credits : Production, Engineering, Mixing.

Info :

he opening song starts things off true to it's title, with lyrics that are heavily religious(not leading a life of sin, devils horns, turning water into wine etc.). As far as the sound of the music goes, it's a very full ambient pop collage that Duguay accomplishes, with hints of folk experimentation and ambient sound scapes from time to time.

Thematic elements in the record seem to be derived from personal experiences, and therefore remain somewhat cryptic for the listener. For instance, also in the first track, the line is delivered of: "I was there when you were born and you were born a unicorn." and then in the liner notes it states: "Heavy on The Glory is dedicated to Dany Duguay. I was there when you were born and you were born a unicorn."... obviously this is an inside thing, and to a new listener it remains a mystery. There is a good side and a bad side to this... the good being that since it's personal the musician really feels it, and it is a truly honest work, the bad being that it can alienate the listener that does not know the musician personally. Either way the record is solid, and a mystery is not an entirely unwelcome thing to me in art.