Loon Choir - Expansion Forces LP
Label : Independent

Credits : Production, Engineering, Mixing.

Info :

From Canada’s parliamentary hub and capital city comes Loon Choir, an urgent pulse of fresh sonic air orchestrating textured guitar, synth, and violin hooks backed by a sometimes groovy, sometimes four to the floor backline, laying the foundation for powerfully delivered choral-esque male and female vocals, singing about social and political injustices alongside the manmade destruction of nature. It’s a big order to fill and these musicians deliver with an acclaimed live set that is packed full of energy, spontaneity, sincerity, and above all, good times spent with your comrades old and new, listening to good music.

Loon Choir has made its presence felt even across the ocean, with 2011 single “Bricks” being released in the UK on an international compilation with only two Canadian bands. The band has been raising its profile nationwide too, especially following the release of their 2nd full-length album “Fire Poems” with the producing/engineering genius of James Bunton in May 2012. Hit songs “All Boats Don’t Rise” and “Nowhere to Go” have been among CBC favourites, with the former hitting #2 on the R3-30. The band was also shortlisted for an R3 Bucky Award for “rookie of the year” in 2012.

All the recorded music aside, the live Loon Choir experience is what makes the ultimate difference. The energy oozing out of the catchy synth and guitar riffs, the transcendent harmony of male and female vocals and the loud and groovy beats are sure to get any crowd going. The loons’ history of playing significant events such as Pop Montreal, NXNE, JUNOfest and Ottawa Bluesfest, as well as touring across Canada is a testimony to their guarantee to deliver spectacular outbursts of energy to all their performances.

The band has plans to focus on a new record in 2014. They have already started introducing some of their new work at live shows to great acclaim. Make sure to catch them somewhere along their path!