Latest Cry - Symptoms / Signs EP
Label : Independent.

Credits : Music, mixings, production.

Info :

There is a pressure on women, in life and love, to suppress honesty for the sake of softness. For a long time I struggled with being completely transparent out of fear. Signs is a celebration song for shedding the fear, feeling free, and asking to be loved for all you are, all you think and all you feel. For loving and being loved without disguise. 

What are the symptoms of a world cloaked in an illusion of connectivity? What are the signs we have blindly submitted to a glaring untruth? What does it sound like to push back against a constructed reality? What does it sound like to try to break free? 

Symptoms / Signs is the debut release from Latest Cry. The collaborative effort from Martha Meredith of For Esmé and producer James Bunton, Latest Cry contemplates the questions of our time, keeping the ears engaged while the mind is hard at work. 

Mastered by Joâo Carvalho at Joâo Carvalho Mastering. 

Album artwork by Erin Loree. 

Album layout and design by Spencer Cathcart.