Jos. Fortin - Fairweather Walker LP
Label : Stopwatch Keeper

Credits : Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Vocals.

Info :

Fairweather Walker is the second album from Jos. Fortin but the first in the Stopwatch Keeper series. Stopwatch Keeper is an small imprint based on the idea of releasing albums as books or zines. Less a label and more a project, I feel it's more important to allow records to be released organically, and to let them be physically manifested in ways other than the media we are used to. I also want to make the digital music available for free with the option of the listener contributing and, hey, if you really like it show some support by ordering the physical item too!

Born into a household of theatre actors and musicians, Joseph Fortin is well at home with a guitar on his lap and a pen in his hand and after fronting a rock group for several years, Jos. began to find his songbook cracking at the spine with songs that didn’t suit the band. Rather than letting these songs fade and sit on the shelf, Jos. opted to focus in on what seemed to be the oddities of his writing and enlisted Toronto engineer/producer James Bunton (Ohbijou, Evening Hymns, Diamond Rings, PS I Love You) in early 2010 to start work on Typewriter.