James Bunton - This Temperament Cannot Last SINGLE
Label : Common Noise

Credits : Composed, performed, engineered, mixed.

Info :

"This Temperament Cannot Last" is a duet of tracks that were composed around the time of the "Again, We Find Ourselves In This Place" album. Two more tracks that didn't quite make sense to include with the collection, but do have some value as a coupling on their own. 

Continuing in the spirit of the "Again, We Find Ourselves In This Place" compositions, this piece is based around single sounds and two note chords - but for some overlaps and tails, there are no three note chords. They are simple shapes, and they leave room to be filled with the inner thoughts and emotions of the listener: the beauty that can only be found via individual perception of time and place. This approach does shift a bit in the track "The View, The Sightings", using other instrumentation and a slightly different approach to the latter part of the track. This signals what will likely be the final departure from the "Again, We Find Ourselves In This Place" collection and way of working, and back once again into other realms of sonic exploration.