James Bunton - Sunlines - LP
Label : Common Noise

Credits : Composed, performed, engineered, mixed.

Info :

Composed to juxtapose the pace of the world both real and digital, this piece is best used as a reality inhibitor. When administered aurally, it can effectively help reduce the need for constant distractions from the Internet and otherwise, and can help to ground and focus the user. 

Active Ingredients: 
* Looping and evolving sonics. (34 minutes, 38 seconds) 

Instructions For Administration: 
* 1 listen every 2 to 4 hours, either on its own or while grazing the online landscape. 

Daily Limit: 
* None. 

Possible Common Side Effects Include: 
* Mindfulness. 
* A strong sense of being in the present moment. 
* Increased empathy for fellow humans. 
* Reluctance to participate in meaningless social media-based interactions.