In Complete Cycles
43:00 min
Music by James Bunton

For : Forcier Stage Works

Credits : Composed, performed, engineered, mixed with Mika Posen.

Toronto, ON - The ArtCore Gallery, FIDA (August 2005)

Toronto, ON - The Winchester Theatre, Danceworks CoWorks Series Event (February 2007)

Vancouver, BC - Judith Marcuse Dance Projects (October 2005)

Choreography :
Marie France Forcier (Forcier Stage Works)

Info :

About In Complete Cycles:

“Like Vivaldi’s four seasons, these cycles could also represent stages of life… The workings of memories, nostalgia and longing are at play, overlapping like the lines the dancers weave onstage. James Bunton’s original score, with his contrasting textures, form an electronic wall of sound to steady drumming, to lyrical guitar and violin passages, illuminates the dance.” Susan Walker, Toronto Star, 2007

Forcier Stage Works is a contemporary dance company based in Toronto (Canada), known to develop choreographic works that combine substantial subject matter of sociological nature with evocative, raw and purposeful movement. Project based since 2005, FSW consistently works with the same core group of individuals, including artistic director Marie France Forcier, composer James Bunton and performers Heather Berry-MacPhail, Molly Johnson and Brendan Wyatt. This format provides the flexibility for company members to maintain successful independent careers while simultaneously providing the familiarity of a full-time company. Guest collaborators are commissioned to create with the group on a regular basis, allowing FSW to boldly investigate fresh perspectives from the strong foundation it has built over the years. Forcier Stage Works' and Marie France Forcier's activities are made possible by various governmental arts councils, but also in great part by the generous support of art lovers.