Gentleman Reg - Leisure Life LP
Label : Independent

Credits : Drums.

Info :

Gentleman Reg is back. It's been over three years since his last album, Jet Black, was released on Arts and Crafts. During that time, Reg started a new band, Light Fires, with James Bunton from Ohbijou, and ended his short stint with the Toronto-based indie label known for establishing its bands. A curious move for an artist such as Reg, who seems like an ideal fit for Arts & Crafts, with the potential of reaching that "next level." Listening to his latest album, Leisure Life, however, reveals that he's made it there on his own. The 12-song record is a bit of a departure from his previous work. Big, synth-driven pop-rock songs dominate from top to bottom. And they're good — really good. "I Could Be What You Wanted" is so bright and catchy that it could sell a million [insert product here]. And it's difficult to listen to "Make It Better" without picturing it atop radio charts. His only shortfall comes with "Charm in a Photobooth," which is flat and lifeless in comparison to the surrounding tracks. But 11 out of 12 is pretty darn good. Reg has found the perfect poppy backdrop to showcase his charming voice, which draws you in like any good conversationalist. He has hit his high note on Leisure Life.