Various Artists - Friends In Bellwoods (2 x LP)
Label : Out Of This Spark

Credits : Co-Curation, Co-Production, Co-Engineering, Co-Mixing, Drums, Additional Instrumentation.

Info :

In 2006, Ohbijou's Casey Mecija and her bandmate, James Bunton, knew it was time to document and showcase some of the music being created in her home on Bellwoods Avenue in Toronto. In an attempt to render a "digital diary of the house", the pair curated the first Friends in Bellwoods compilation later that year. Their keen sense of changes taking place in the neighborhood, and their relation to the gentrifying forces at work, led them to consider the geographic connection between the house and a heavily trafficked food bank. As a result, all proceeds from the original and the second compilation go to The Daily Bread Food Bank. The compilations have raised over $40,000 since their release.

Out of this Spark is proud to release Friends In Bellwoods, a 36 song two-cd set of rare, new and unreleased selections from some of Canada’s most innovative independent musicians. This compilation captures the music and camaraderie that has come from Bellwoods, a small house on the fringes of Queen St. West in the heart of downtown Toronto.The limited edition album features beautiful letter-pressed packaging and includes tracks from Bry Webb (Constantines), Kids on TV, Gentleman Reg, ohbijou, Sebastian Grainger (ex-Death from Above 1979), The Meligrove Band, snailhouse, Jeremy Gara (Arcade Fire), Barzin, Germans, The D'Urbervilles and we’re marching on...

Disc One
Artist : Track 
1 The Bellwoods Crew : Carry On
2 snailhouse : Salvation Army (In Four)
3 Friday Morning's Regret : Wooden Sky
4 Bry Webb & Casey Mecija : Sweet Nothin'
5 we're marching on… : shitheadkids
6 The D'Urbervilles : We Are The Hunters
7 Forest City Lovers : Don't Go, Please
8 Jonas Bonnetta : French Toast
9 Bahai Cassette : SNIT…yada
10 Germans : Nature's Mouth
11 Telefauna : turbulence!
12 The Nuts : vb for jb
13 Kids On TV : Breakdance Hunx (PSBEUYS PNP Mix)
14 Katie Stelmanis : You'll Fall
15 Jeremy Gara : Thieves
16 alight : cardinal + moon
17 Nina Nielsen : Cloudberry Mountain
18 Tim Ford : The Brantford Song

Disc Two
Artist : Track
1 Sebastien Grainger : Young Mothers
2 Barzin : Queen Jane
3 The Rural Alberta Advantage : The Air
4 Tusks : Mothers Vs. Sons
5 water colour : hidden sound
6 Gentleman Reg : Over My Head (4 Track)
7 ohbijou : The Otherside (Remix)
8 The Acorn : Brokered Heart
9 Mantler : Searching For A Song
10 The Dinghies : Barkskin
11 Grand Mouse House : Archways, Tunnels, Dotted Lines
12 Allan Graham : Waking Up In The Trees
13 Oak Oak : Now and Then
14 Violence : Self Defense
15 The Meligrove Band : Feversleep
16 Nich Worby : All Blind Mice
17 Purple Hill : Death Rides This Winters Wind
18 Scott Remila : On Their Own