Facts Of Influence - Bliss
33:00 min
Music by James Bunton

For : Forcier Stage Works

Credits : Composed, performed, engineered, mixed.

Toronto, ON - Winchester Theatre (April 2010)

Choreography :
Marie France Forcier (Forcier Stage Works)

Info :

“As an audience member I was left in appreciation of the performers for rising to the many challenges placed on them by the choreographers. Furthermore I was impressed with the choreographers for rising to the challenge of the performers: capable of communicating anything and everything.” Amelia Erhrardt, Merge’zine, 2010

“A significant event in Canadian Dance” Eric Morse, The VOICE, May 2010

“Both works were ripe and plenty with movement invention and imagery, as well as both being born of ideas strong enough to stand alone.” Amelia Erhrardt, Merge’zine, 2010 

“All [dancers] display great technical skills and fluidity in the interpretation of two thematically hard-to-access pieces” Eric Mose, The VOICE, May 2010


“the work was highly visual in nature and made excellent use of imagery and physicality. It was interesting (and telling) to see a work by the choreographer immediately following her performance in Bliss. It became especially clear what Foricer’s own movement quality was and how that language would translate onto another body. Strength, sensuality and an extreme technical capacity were apparent in her performance in Bliss, and these qualities were especially prevalent in Gold” Amelia Ehrhardt, Merge’zine, 2010

“the movement was frequently inventive and invariably beautiful” Amelia Ehrhardt, Merge’zine, 2010