Evening Hymns - Quiet Energies LP
Label : Outside Music

Credits : Co-Produced, Engineered, Mixed.

  • 2016 Nominated Canadian Folk Awards Emerging Artist Of The Year (Spectral Dusk)

Info :

Evening Hymns are sung from the cathedrals of talls trees. They capture the spirit of moments, of friends around a bonfire on a foggy beach, the crunching of snowshoes in the silence of a winter night and memories of tribal boys growing up with pellet guns, fishing and handmade forts. 

Songwriter Jonas Bonnetta comes out of the hinterland, along with a yelping group of banshees and some sweet-singing wood nymphs with Evening Hymns' latest release Spirit Guides. Honing songs while cutting logs into planks in the sawdust and sunset of a clearing, Bonnetta has the ear of a woodsman: he knows when the saw blade is dull by the sound it makes against the wood. The album is full of wild sounds for the urban world, from the experience of seasons between two extremes: raucous touring nights with shouts in the streetlights, and in the woods, operating the sawmill he bought with his father a few years back. Somewhere between the two, Evening Hymns finds a rhythm for modern life. 
Quiet Energies was recorded with James Bunton at Bonnetta's home studio in rural Ontario, along with his band consisting of Jon Hynes and Andrew Kekewich. In the aforementioned interview, Bonnetta noted an "extended cast of players" that included the Wooden Sky's Gavin Gardiner, Sylvie Smith and Mika Posen. 
"The songs are very much in line with how I'm living my life now," he told Exclaim! "Before, I was dreaming that I would be some place more rural, where life is a little bit slower and quieter, so the record's about that in a lot of ways. I have a huge respect for that now." 
A new press release describes the album as both being inspired by and providing the perfect soundtrack to a road trip. "I was in LA and drove out to Joshua Tree to spend the day wandering around and shooting Super-8 film," said Bonnetta. "I had been listening to so much Tom Petty on that trip, and it kind of came to me that this record was a journey. A road trip album. A driving album." 
As for the record's title, the press release quotes Bonnetta explaining the phraseQuiet Energies as "the concept that all of this pent-up energy could be stored inside these quiet moments — a whisper that could be as effective as an explosion." 

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