Label : Meant Well

Credits : Produced, Mixed.

Info :

The song wrestles with anxiety arising in the aftermath of a devastating relationship development. Originally recorded at the same time as Both Ways, but cut from the final tracklist, “Go To Her” is a fitting complement to an album that’s a study in contrasts, as one would expect from its name.

“I saw that phrase in the title of a book and I thought, ‘That means something to me and I don't know what it is,’” Woods says. “That's my whole guiding principle while writing. When a string of words resonates, I just dig in and try to figure it out. But what started the idea was people telling me, ‘You can't have it both ways.’ Or, ‘You can't have a record full of thoughtful lyrics that also gets played on the radio. You can't have those things both ways.’ This is just me trying to have both.”