Corey Gulkin - All the Things I'll Forget LP
Label : Independent

Credits : Mixing.

Info :

In All The Things I’ll Forget, dark folk singer-songwriter Corey Gulkin (formerly Corinna Rose) transforms the memories of an abusive relationship and its aftermath into a personal, introspective anthology that telegraphs the subtleties of abuse and forgiveness to the listener. 

Gulkin’s sophomore full-length album is a bold artistic statement in both its subject matter and arrangements with songs centred around an eclectic trio, including banjo, electric guitar, and harp. Electronic drums and synth textures woven throughout cast an otherworldly sheen over the record. As a whole, All the Things I’ll Forget is necessarily feminist: honest, visceral, and full of moments of identification for all of us.


Produced by Sam Gleason, Leah Dolgoy and Corey Gulkin
With additional production by Lisa Malachowski
Recorded by Sam Gleason (Blanket Fort), Dave Smith (Breakglass), Jon Kaspy (Tanna Schulich Hall), Gregory Burton, Justin Wright and Corey Gulkin
Piano recorded at the Coach House in Parkdale by Sam Gleason
Mixed by James Bunton
Mastered by The Wizard of Oz (
All songs written by Corey Gulkin

Leah Dolgoy - harp, autoharp
Sam Gleason - electric guitar, electric bass, synths, electronic drums
Corey Gulkin - acoustic guitar, banjo, lead vocals, piano

Matthew Daher - drums, electronic drums + samples (track 3) 
Ali Levy - upright bass
Lisa Malachowski - backing vocals
Ari Swan - violin
Justin Wright - cello
Thanya Iyer, Lisa Malachowski, Chesley Walsh - group vocals
String arrangements by Justin Wright
Vocal arrangements by Lisa Malachowski

Album artwork by Flore de Ris