Blimp Rock - Sophomore Slump LP
Label : Label Fantastic!

Credits : Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Drums.

Info :

People of business,

We have a very important announcement for you today.

After the runaway success of “Lake Ontario Lifeguards (L.O.L.)”, expectations ran high at the BRE offices for a follow-up to “raise the blimp” even higher. Add to that the constantly overhanging pressure to raise $700K and it becomes clear just how much stress there was to deliver. In the end, it was an old proverb: “they say that which is only done once / ought not to be done at all” that inspired Blimp Rock to persist with a second album, even if its members couldn’t write a song better than L.O.L.

In full embrace of this mindset (and much to the chagrin of the BRE head office) the team called the record Sophomore Slump and the results can only be judged by investors. Will they ever surpass the hype of L.O.L.? Was the first record better? Can they ever raise $700 00? Regardless, Blimp Rock has made a second album.

Thank you for your business,
Blimp Rock Enterprises


Already, critics are criticizing the team's choice of album name, but only because they apparently like the album:…/…/07/blimp-rock-sophomore-slump/

Produced and mixed by James Bunton.
Engineered by John Dinsmore at the Lincoln Country Social Club in Toronto, ON.
Additional recording by James Bunton.
Mastered by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles in Preston, ON.

Arranged and presented by:
Peter Demakos - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Claire Whitehead - vocals, violin
Andrew Kinoshita - electric guitar, vocals
Heather Kirby - bass guitar
James Bunton - drums, percussion, synth, vocals

With special partners:
Robbie Grunwald - piano on “Music Industry Blues”
Emma Tollefsen - field recording on “Conflict Resolution”
Robyn Letson - vocals on “Sensitive Boys”