Blimp Rock - Long Johns SINGLE
Label : Independent

Credits : Produced, Engineered, Mixed.

Info :

Blimp Rock are a venture-capital rock band employed by Blimp Rock Enterprises, a Toronto firm set on raising funds for the first ever music festival in a Blimp. Over Lake Ontario. Little wonder then that they chose a marketable item as the subject of their contribution. 2015 was a big year for the band, as they claimed credit for the Toronto Blue Jays #ComeTogether campaign, asking for $700,000 of royalties in the process. Peter from the band gave us the inspiration behind the track “Long johns might be the closest thing I have to a religion. I am so passionate about them it borders on cultish. When I'm groggy and trying to wake up in the morning I think about two things: 1) a blimp concert in the sky and 2) putting on long johns. I start wearing long johns in mid-September. I was born naked and remained that way (figuratively) until I discovered long johns.”