Blimp Rock - Soap Opera LP
Label : Independent

Credits : Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Drums.

Info :

Soap Opera is out today!

You can check it out on Bandcamp!

So far as we know, it's the first album ever released in bars of soap.

In true Blimp Rock fashion, here's a quick F.A.Q. on the new record:

1. Why are you releasing an album in bars of soap?

We feel the market for getting music quick is over-saturated by heavy hitters such as Spotify and Apple Music. On the other hand, the market for getting music slow still feels pretty untapped.

2. An album inside a bar of soap... How does that work?
There are laminated download codes inside each bar. The bars were made by Ottawa singer-songwriter Andy Swan (

3. So how do I get to the music?
That's up to you! You can lather your way to the middle, chop the bar... BlimpRock has no business in the bathrooms of the nation.

4. Is the album any good?
Woah now, we can't comment on that- but here's a review from Grayowl Point!

5. What's the music like? Are there any songs as good as 401, Lake Ontario Lifeguards or Let's All Stay In Tonight?
You can check out the video for the first single "Dear Science" below and decide for yourself!

The first record ever released inside bars of soap!


Peter Demakos - vocals, backup vocals, acoustic guitar
Tyson Brinacombe - electric guitar, synths, wurly, piano, backup vocals
Andrew Kinoshita - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Heather Kirby - bass guitar
James Bunton - drums, percussion, synths

Drew Jamieson - vocals on “Dear Science” 
Mathias Kom - vocals on “Duet With The Devil” 
Wax Mannequin - vocals on “Oh, Basketball” 

Produced, mixed and engineered James Bunton. 
Additional engineering by John Dinsmore at the Lincoln Country Social Club in Toronto, ON. 
Mastered by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles in Preston, ON. 
Artwork and layout by LJ Robinson. 
Soap handmade by Andy Swan. 

All songs written by Peter Demakos (SOCAN), except “Dear Science” was written by Peter Demakos (SOCAN) and Drew Jamieson (SOCAN). 

Buds who helped this sud: 
Emma Tollefsen, Jessie Marchildon, Robyn Letson, Stephen Callahan, Claire Whitehead, Chris Hilbrecht, Vish Khanna, Michael Thomas, Doug Hoyer, Jenny Mitchell, William Morrison