Atom Division - Requiem For Red Smith / Dictionary Waltz 7"
Label : Royal Mountain Records

Credits : Co-Production, Co-Engineering, Co-Mixing.

Info :

Atom Division operates under the belief that what ever needs to be said can usually be wrapped up in three minutes or less. No drum solos or guitar shredding, just distilling the purity of pop essence.

Named as an homage to the combination of sports and science, the Toronto-based band is composed of Dave Feschuk (guitar and vocals), Dean Baxter (bass) and Vince Rice (drums).

Feschuk, song-writer, sports scribe and author, and Rice, a veteran of the late-night live music crowd, have played together for years — mainly as The Sweater Girls. They met in St. Catharines while working for the same newspaper. Baxter is more commonly seen playing bass with Hollerado.

Together, they deliver the hooks and melody that evoke memories of the early days of indie rock. Short and sweet, but passionate about the pop. To catch Atom Division is to hear tales of travel and the insight into the adventure of life — all with the timing of a stopwatch.

Special thanks to Atom Division alumni Dylan Green who plays bass on our 7″ recording but duties as drummer for City and Colour keeps him plenty busy.

Atom Division’s single – Requiem for Red Smith – is available as a seven-inch white vinyl release from Royal Mountain Records.

Atom Divison on Royal Mountain Records